Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to reach the right people on Twitter-two tools

I've just discovered two websites that make using Twitter far easier - and can help you reach the right people.

The two sites are:

Here's how to use them to find your audience:

It sounds obvious, but the people you want to connect with on Twitter are those who are likely to buy the sort of thing you're selling, right?


So you need to figure out what these people are likely to talk about (that relate to what you're selling) and then search/set up alerts for those keywords.

This sounds simplistic, but the trick is to really narrow it down and get the most likely prospects.

Here's my example:

I sell art featuring 'quirky, flirty big-eyed girls'. Here are some of the keywords I considered and reasons why I used/rejected them.

♥ ART: (rejected) this is far too broad - people who like Picasso or abstract art aren't likely to like my work.
♥ LOWBROW ART: (unsure) this is far more specific but is still a bit too broad - I'll probably use it when I have more time to search!
♥ FAFI: (accepted) she's a famous artist that my work is sometimes compared to - people who like her art are likely to like mine so this is a perfect keyword to look for.
♥ BLYTHE: (accepted) my work looks a bit like a Blythe doll, so people who love Blythe may be interested in the kind of art I do.

Etc, etc, etc.

The hard bit is really thinking about the right keywords to search for.

If you're an artist, a great way to find the right people is to think of a famous artist (anyone who's likely to be talked about) who does similar work to you.

I'm not sure how it would work in other categories, but I'd love it if you'd share your keyword tips here.

Good luck!

xxx scarlett


Anonymous said...

interesting post - I have not entered the twitter world yet. Basically, because I do not understand the benefit. This helps a bit.

libu said...

still thinking about twitter..will not do it until I'm fully informed..thanks

Karen said...

this is great information! Thanks for sharing! I love twitter and think it helps bring in sales too!