Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The things you should do before you give up on Etsy...

Thinking about closing shop? Ready to give up? Think Etsy should do the work for you?

Well wake up people! No one can make you successful but YOU! Don't just pick one or two items on this list, say you tried, and call it quits.

Do them all!

And please give it more than a month for any results.

Don't have time? Find time!

* Relist several times a day. People don't usually search farther than 5-10 pages in. You have to stay on top for these customers to find you. (I spend at minimum $1.00/day on re-listing).

*Buy advertising on other sites. Several other sites. Create an ad budget just for this.

*Pick a couple social networking sites and stick with them. Don't do all of them. You will spread yourself too thin and each site will look half-assed.

*Twitter. This is a great tool for hits and sales if you use it correctly. Don't just create a profile and expect people to follow you all on their own.

*Write a storque article about something that interests you and pitch it to admin.

*Post new items frequently. Maintain a nice, full shop. Think of each and every item as a tiny little door somewhere on etsy or the interwebz that's leading customers into your shop.

*Hearts matter. If you are getting a steady stream of hearts each day that is actually a good thing! Each heart (the non private ones anyway) is like another tiny little doorway on etsy leading people to your shop and/or items. I can't tell you how often I browse a shops favorites and end up in some other shop because of it.

*Do live events. Hand out business cards. Even if the sales went poorly you have gained exposure!!

*Chat, Chat in forums, Ect.

*Tell your friends.

*Give your relatives samples + business cards.

*Leaf Fliers around your hometown in designated areas.

*Have a range of prices to draw different customer bases into your shop.

*Work, rework, and work your pictures again. Over and over until you notice your views spike!

*See above for listings.

*See above for profile.

*See above for shop announcement.

*Create your own personal website. Either sell there too or make it link to your etsy shop!

Do all of the above to the best of your ability. Spend 16 hours a day on it. Dream about it. Eat it. Breathe it.

This isn't a complete list, obviously, but I think it includes all of the major aspects of marketing I worry about.
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