Thursday, October 9, 2008

Featured Artisan: StarryHomeCrafts

When I was pretty young, my mother gave me a kit to embroider. It was the simplest line drawing of a tiger, but I LOVED it. I still have it. Someday, I hope to give it to my first grandchild as part of a baby quilt. That tiger started me on a long life of creative crafting. Mom went on to teach me knitting and crochet, and all types of needlework. I later taught myself to quilt. I also love to make dolls. I can't imagine having to choose among these loves, so I skip back and forth between them. Someday, I hope to find the "grand unified theory" of needlecraft, and be able to put all of it together in one big project!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Featured Artisan: rokstudy

Ju’s Creations HistoryJu’s Creations’ owner, Julie Harrison, had a vision at age seventeen of owning her own business and earning an income from her embroidery. Due to business red tape this dream was put aside till March 2006, when Ju’s Creations was formed. Julie’s older brother Dave, had always encouraged her to have a web-based business, and in June 2007, she discovered Etsy and this dream took flight.Mission StatementJu’s Creations exists for the Sole purpose of providing a Personal Income Venue for future mission work in Africa. I Thess. 4:11-12.Julie was raised at Chidamoyo Christian Mission in Rhodesia, Africa, (Now Zimbabwe) with her older brother, David William Harrison, whom passed away in February, 2005, of a seizure disorder. Julie has always dreamed of going back to Chidamoyo to work but there has not been the right opportunity. The David William Harrison and Lynda Gayle Nutt Memorial Library is that opportunity so I hope you will help me support this endeavor.I will be spending September 2009, at Chidamoyo Christian Hospital, and your patronage will aid with my expenses.Ju’s Creations SpecialtyJu’s Creations Specializes in embroidery. The three qualities that set this embroidery apart are: 1) I use two strands of floss creating a finer appearance; 2) I create very small stitches, and 3) the products listed have not been sewn on a sewing machine or embroidery machine.Ju’s Creations provides unique, handmade, non-machine embroidered gifts such as quilts, Wall Art, and Housewares.Ju's Creations will have a display at the Feldheym Library, in San Bernardino, California, from January--April '09, all items on display will be for sale.Check my blog:, periodically for other items that are available yet do not fit the criteria for Etsy. Special orders are welcome. Thank you for visiting; I welcome your feedback and appreciate your business.“Visual Arts through the eye of a needle.”™

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Featured Artist: juliafinucane

My full name is Julia Finucane. I have been creating art since I can remember and I create all my best work from my home studio. I draw all my characters and ideas from events that happen in my life. I love the world of fairies and fantasy and bring these themes into my art as well. I love to paint and to draw illustrations that capture this unique world.I decided to become an artist and devote my life to creating in my high school art class. After high school I went off to college were I received a Bachelors in Fine Arts and Design and received my certification in art education. I then went on to receive a Masters in Art and Computer Design.For more information feel free to visit my site, which I created, at www.juliafinucane.webs.comMy blog is http://juliafinucane.blogspot.cometsy shop:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Featured Artisan: blinkingmouse

Pretty Little Love Objects sells keepsakes and love objects for those who like to give thoughtful gifts and cards. I hope to put the romance back into gift giving and beat out all the mass made, disposable gift items big card companies seem eager to flog these days. A gift made and given in haste means nothing and sits quietly on a shelf, waiting for the next charity collection while a gift crafted and bought with care and love in mind will be carried everywhere. If cards are creative it inspires those who write in them to think harder about their words, discouraging the slapdash way we often sign cards for special occasions. Romance be reignited and I plan to help it along a little. Each piece of jewellery is an individual design so customers will never have to worry about seeing someone else wearing your necklace. I use high quality materials that are both textural and eye catching. My favourite part of designing an item is playing with colour until I achieve exactly the effect I’m looking for. I also like to use unusual items like buttons and interesting pendants to add an eclectic feel to my items.In October I will be involved in a Craft Pink event for Breast Cancer Awareness month, where 50% of all items from the Craft Pink section of my shop (excluding shipping and a $0.20 listing fee) will be donated to Cancer Research UK. I will also be crafting exclusively in pink in October to show my commit to the cause. Lots of other crafters will be taking part in some way at Etsy, just search for the p4o tag to see their wonderful items.My shop is at and my blog is at . I also write reviews and a monthly column on British books at .