Saturday, May 30, 2009

Better Photos-Framing Your Shots

My Road to Better Photo's...

Here's a quick summary with the full post with pictures here:

One of the top reasons for leaving a shop without looking further is because the photos don't tell me what the item is. There is no idea of what they’re selling nor does it generate interest.

To remedy this, frame your item in a way that shows what it is, clearly. Crystal clear.

Here are questions to ask yourself when evaluating your own photos:

1.) Can I tell what this item is?

2.) Can I tell what this item is for?

3.) Does this photo clearly convey what this is?

Other topics covered are:

How to frame a good shot
A.) Take an action shot.
B.) Put your item in its habitat
C.) Show its size

Things to avoid
1.) Using a super up-close shot as the first picture.
2.) Using a far away shot of the item.

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